Coast Art Walk no. 7 - 11th March

Werri Beach: sand art with Anne Richmond

Today I was joined by artist Anne Richmond on Werri Beach. Reflecting forms often seen in her own paintings, Anne was drawn to some parallel lines of sand hills and shells left by the last time. Some subtle re-tracing of these shapes emphasised the repetition of pattern.

I found myself making a few attempts before finding the inspiration and concentration to stick with something for a longer period. My first piece didn't really work at all, this happens!, Next I made a "talisman" by starting with a tide-formed hillock of sand and augmenting this to display a collection of seaplastic and driftwood found on the beach.

There was quite a lot of different seaweeds on the beach today and my final piece was to make an image that recorded the colour gradients found in the seaweed. This is an exercise that I keep repeating, always with different results. Colour and form in nature is so often a starting point for me.