FISH KILL project

An environmental art installation for the EcoArts Australis conference 2019

Murray Cod , Clay relief by Penny Sadubin March 2019

Murray Cod, Clay relief by Penny Sadubin March 2019

Schools across Australia are invited to join Penny Sadubin to create a piece of environmental art for the upcoming EcoArts Australis conference, to be held in Wollongong in late May.

How can schools be involved?

Penny wants to map out the course of the Murray Darling River system using models of this Murray River Cod. The original was sculpted in clay, however the artist wishes to explore innovative use of technology and is using 3D printing to create many multiples of this fish model, to have a great impact - to attempt to replicate the impact of the mass fish death events that happened in locations around the Murray Darling river system in Summer 2018/19. Known as “fish kills”, these events are caused by low water flows in the river which is being pushed to environmental catastrophe by the combination of industrial use of the water further up stream for irrigation, drought and degradation of the rivers over many decades. With low water flows, the oxygen is soon depleted by rising and falling levels of algae which bloom and die in extremes of heat and cold. With so little oxygen available the fish populations of the river experience severe stress and even suffocation, dying in often massive numbers. The impact of this on our biggest river system is dramatic and a stark message to all about the threat to the rivers’ ecological health.

Please help to create this installation by printing off 4 of these fish models in white PLA* - the file is available on the Me3D Buildflow.

Sign up at the form below before the end of Term 1 and Penny will send your school your pack of info, including a return postage envelope. These will be sent out ASAP after your school signs up and should be received by schools by 12th April.

A Go Fund Me campaign will be launched soon to sell off these limited edition fish and a donation will be made from this campaign to OzFish, a not-for profit organisation that works with communities to support conservation of rivers and environmental sustainable fishing practices.

*If your school wishes to print some of your own I just ask that you use a different colour to white.., so they are different to the ones for the exhibition. Only the white printed fish will be used in the exhibition and sold at the end via Go Fund Me. Each fish sold this way supports the creation of the exhibition and will be sent out to supporters individually numbered, with an accompanying display panel with images and information from the artist.

I look forward to being in touch with your school. Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me on this project!


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